General Statement of Health & Safety

1.(i) Statement of intent

1.(ii) The Management of All Star Lighting Solutions recognise their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999. They will take all reasonably practicable precautions to conduct the activities of All Star Lighting Solutions at all times, to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of their employees, visitors and members of the public who may be affected by those activities.

1.(iii) Specific objectives are:

a) To provide adequate control of the health & safety risks arising from our activities.

b) To consult with members of staff on matters affecting their health, safety and welfare.

c) To provide information, instruction and supervision for all staff with respect to their health
and safety

d) To ensure accurate reporting and investigation of accidents or incidents with a view to prevent recurrence.

e) To provide and maintain safe plant equipment

f) To ensure safe handling, use, storage and appropriate disposal of substances

1.(iv) A copy of health and safety policy shall be available to all staff and the policy statement displayed.

1.(v) This policy shall be reviewed and revised as necessary at regular intervals.

Responsibilities for Health & Safety

Organisation within Allstar Lighting Solutions

Darren Tompkins

Employees / Sub-Contractors

2.(i) The Management’s Responsibility

Be directly responsible for the establishment of an effective health and safety programme, take a direct interest in such a programme and publicly support all persons carrying it out.

Ensure that there is an effective policy for health and safety.

Periodically appraise the effectiveness and compliance of the policy and ensure that and necessary changes are made.

Provide adequate personnel, funds and materials to meet the health and safety requirements.

Ensure that responsibility is properly assigned and accepted at all levels.

2.(ii) Employees / Sub-Contractors Responsibility

Make themselves familiar with and conform to the safety policy.

Observe safety rules, safety procedures and codes of practices.

Understand that it is the duty of every individual employee to take every responsible care for the health and safety of themselves and any other person who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work.It is also the duty of all employees to co-operate with the employer in achieving compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 or subsequent legislation.

Health and Safety Arrangements

3.(i) Accident Prevention
It is the responsibility of the management of All Star Lighting Solutions to spot potential hazards associated with electrical works and to take remedial action

3.(ii) Risk Assessments
Shall be conducted and the findings recorded. These findings shall be made known to all members of staff. Should residual risks remain, staff shall be advised and safe systems of work identified and issued to appropriate staff members. The risk assessments shall be reviewed at agreed set intervals or when significant changes have been made.

3.(iii) Electrical Equipment
Portable electrical appliances will be regularly checked by a competent person to ensure they are safe to use. A log of equipment for testing and dates of the test should be maintained. Any faults visual or otherwise must be reported to Management immediately.

3.(iv) Accident Investigation
Any member of staff who has an accident while at work, must by law, ensure the incident is recorded in the accident book as soon as possible after taking place. More serious accidents, or ill health will be recorded by management as required under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (R.I.D.D.O.R) Guidance HSE 31 (rev1) and appropriate authority notified.

3.(v) Fire and Emergencies
Means of sounding an alarm in the event of a fire shall be instigated. First aid fire fighting equipment shall be made available and maintained and tested at regular intervals. The results of the testing shall be recorded. All members of staff shall be trained in what actions must be taken in the event of an emergency. A fire risk assessment shall be conducted and action items arising from the assessment addressed. The fire risk assessment shall be reviewed at agreed set intervals or if significant changes are made.

Fire and Explosion
Hot work operations including brazing, soldering, grinding will take place away from combustible materials as far as reasonably practicable. Highly flammable liquids, paints and thinners shall be stored in closed containers and stored properly when not in use.
Flammable gas cylinders when not in use shall be stored and suitable restrained. Cylinder valves, fittings and hoses shall be fitted as suppliers’ instructions and examined regularly.

3.(vi) First Aid Arrangements
First aid box and first aid materials are provided and held in appropriate containers within the company vehicles. In the event of an accident or illness first aid shall be administered. A member of staff shall act as an appointed person to take control of the accident / emergency as appropriate for example : calling an ambulance and recording the incident.

3.(vii) Manual Handling
The management of All Star Lighting Solutions recognise the importance of correct manual handling and the related issues that could result in members of staff suffering from injury. A far as reasonably practicable, mechanical lifting equipment shall be used. Employees shall be trained / instructed in lifting, carrying and pushing / pulling articles. Further information on manual handling assessments will be sourced from HSE guidance booklet INDG 383 a copy retained within the health and safety folder.

3.(viii) Vehicle Movements on Site
The management of All Star Lighting Solutions shall take all reasonable steps to prevent injury to staff, visitors and members of the public through contact with moving vehicles while on the premises.

3.(ix) Substances Hazardous to Health
Arrangements will be made for the safe handling, usage, storage and disposal of substances listed as hazardous to health A.C.O.S.H.H assessment shall be conducted and material safety data sheets obtained as required. HSE Guidance INDG136 (rev3) retained within the health and safety folder.

3.(x) Use of work equipment (PUWER 98)
The management of All Star Lighting Solutions recognise importance of following the guidance on the application of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. (Work equipment shall include almost any equipment used by a worker at work)

3.(xi) Personal Protective Equipment
The management of All Star Lighting Solutions recognise their responsibility to provide the necessary personal protective equipment identified by means of risk assessment to the appropriate employees, free of charge. The management will ensure the proper use, storage and maintenance of the personal protective equipment and clothing.

Employees are required to ensure that personal protective equipment and clothing issued to them shall be used appropriately. Damaged items of personal protective equipment and clothing shall be reported to the management of All Star Lighting Solutions immediately.

All Star Lighting Solutions
August 2015