After complaints from staff that the lighting levels in the office are poor the Company Management arranged for a site survey to establish whether the current lighting levels (LUX) were acceptable.

Please see table the below for the recommended LUX levels:

Area LUX Level
Filing and Copying 300
Writing, reading and data processing 500
Technical drawing, drawing boards 750
CAD workstations 500
Meeting Rooms 500
Computer work stations 300 – 500
Reception Desk 300

The survey showed that in many areas the LUX levels were lower than recommended due to constant lamp failures and poor layout.

The company authorised a new lighting solution with the goal of improving light levels, reducing energy consumption and minimising maintenance costs longterm.


The 72w fluorescent modulars are replaced by 40w LED panels

Replacing fluorescent fittings with LED panels improves the lighting levels and saves over £1380 per year. See below for details.

The office lighting is on for an average of 10 hours per day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. Replacing the seventy fluorescent fittings with seventy LED panels improves lighting levels, reduces energy costs and also reduces maintenance costs, see note 3.

600 x 600 LED Panel

600 x 600
Fluorescent Modular CAT2 Fitting

Panels/Fittings Projected Lifespan (hrs), see note 4 40,000 15,000
Cost for 70 LED Panels including installation compared to maintaining 70 4 tube fluorescent modular fittings see note 1 £10,325 £4,609
Number of Panels/ lamps needed to last 40000 hours 70 746
kWh used per year 7000 12600
Cost of electricity per year (@ £0.11 / kWh), see note 2 £770 £1386
Electricity saving per year £616 (1386 – 770)

Energy Reduction and Cost Saving

By replacing 70 600 x 600 fluorescent modular CAT2 fittings with 600 x 600 LED panels in an office energy consumption would be reduced by an average 44% or £616 per year.

The cost of replacing fluorescent with LED Panels will be paid back in 5-6 years by saving on electricity and replacement fluorescent lamps.

Furthermore after payback the savings are approximately £1384 year (electricity saving £616 plus fluorescent lamp replacement £768).

If energy prices rise the savings will be higher and the payback sooner!

Depending upon the required LUX levels the number of LED could be lower than replacing on a 1-for-1 basis thus reducing installation costs and energy consumption.


1. This is a typical price for an Aurora 150w LED High Bay fitting
This is a typical price for a Phillips 400w High Pressure Sodium Lamp
3. Maintaining a 600 x 600 fluorescent fitting which holds 4 18w tubes will involve more costs than an LED panel. Based on usage of 10 hours per day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year LED panels typically last 16 years whereas fluorescent modules last about 6 years. Each time lamps are replaced there is potential disruption in the workplace and high labour cost due to cost of replacement.
4. Although manufacturers specify that the typical lifespan of an LED lamp is 50,000 hours this can vary depending upon the environment it is installed in. This should be taken in consideration when installing any new lighting.