KITCHEN LEDAfter years of watching energy cost rise we’ve insulated the house, installed low energy devices and now it’s time to look at the lighting.



The 50w Halogen Downlight are replaced with 5w LED Downlights

Replacing 10 Halogen Downlights with LED Downlights on a 1-for-1 basis saves over £180 per year.

With an average daily use of 5 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. See below for details.

It is important to make sure that the replacements are selected and installed correctly otherwise the energy and maintenance savings may not be as expected, see note 3.

5w LED Downlight  

50w Halogen Downlight Lamp

Lamp projected lifespan (hrs)



Cost for 10 LED fittings including installation compared to maintaining 10 Halogen Downlights, see note 1



Fittings/lamps needed to last 25,000 hours



Energy Reduction and Cost Saving

By replacing ten 50w Halogen lamps with 5w LED Downlights in a kitchen energy consumption would be reduced by an average 90% or £122 per year.

In addition, you’d need to replace 125 Halogen lamps during the life of 10 LED lamps.

5w LED Downlight

50w Halogen Downlight Lamp

kWh used per year for 10 lamps



Cost of electricity per year (@ £0.15 / kWh), see note 2



Electricity saving in year £122 (136.50 – 13.65)

The cost of replacing Halogen with LED lamps would be paid back in 2-3 years by saving on electricity and replacement Halogen lamps.

Furthermore every year after payback you will save approximately £187 (electricity saving £122 plus halogen lamp replacement £65).


1. This is a typical price for an Aurora M5 Tilt Dimmable LED Downlight
3. An LED fitting in a kitchen ceiling may be exposed to up to 90℃ which is significantly higher than the 40℃ at which manufacturer lifespan testing is done.  Using products that are unsuitable for their operating environment will significantly reduce lifespan.. LED in this environment should be installed with the correct fittings to assure lamp lifespan. This will initially cost more than a retrofit solution but the overall cost will be much lower.